Magnetic Cable for iPhone & Android phones 2 in 1 - Fast Charging Nylon Braided Cable

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World's No.1 Magnetic Charging Data Cable - 2X Faster Charging

    •  The Zap-chargerData Cable connects  your mobile phone to the charging cable instantly and seamlessly. It is an amazing innovation that has been designed to solve a large number of the issues that exist with all the micro USB charging cables
    • The cable has been designed to tackle the common problems we face everyday while using the conventional cables. Each cable comes in two parts – one end, which connects directly to your phone and remains there, is the Lightning/USB port tab and the other is simply the cable.
    • Each Zap Charger Magnetic Cable is designed to give an all inclusive fit - you can attach it conveniently to your mobile phone from either side, and you can use it to charge your phone as well as transfer data.
  •   Plug/Detach-Connects within a fraction of a second!
  • Compatible Brands: Apple | HTC|Samsung|Sony|LG| Xiaomi|Lenovo|Motorola | 
  • 2x Faster Charging - In comparison to regular cable.
  • Waterproof - Prevents Water Damage at the charging socket.
  • Lightning/ Micro USB - Supports both lightning and micro USB.
  • Charge Indicator- A small hidden LED indicates charging status.
  • Snap with One Hand! Easy to attach and remove.
  • Reversible- Never plus USB cable the wrong way.
  • Data Transfer- Easy Data Synchronisation.
  • Max output current up to 2.4 A, making charging faster.
  • The metal plug is shock-resistant & anti-corrosive.

    Supports both Data Sync & Charge.
    Compatible with All Android & IOS devices   

    If you've been searching for the perfectly awesome Magnetic Charging Data Cable , ever constructed, your pursuit is over.

    magnetic charging cable 3 in 1Magnetic charging cable 3 in 1 zap charger
    Magnetic Charging cable 3 in 1 zap charger
    Magnetic Charging cable 3 in 1 zap charger
    Magnetic Charging cable 3 in 1 zap charger
    magnetic charging cable 3 in 1 zap charger