ZapCharger - The future of USB Charging !

SnapCharger Magnetic Charging Cable


SnapCharger will enable you to connect your phone or USB gadget to the charging  cable rapidly and flawlessly.

The  attractive innovation has been combined with predominant materials like rare earth magnets,  aluminum shield and strong nylon braided links.

SnapCharger  will change the way you charge your phone. This gadget is at present compatible with all  Apple and Android gadgets. So on the off chance that you are worn out on flipping your cables forward and backward with a specific end goal to plug it to the correct side, SnapCharger  is the correct gadget to go for.

Since it accompanies double reversible connectors, you won't have to flip your cable for the correct side any longer as the two finishes of the link will work with measure up to flawlessness.

Connecting your phone with the cable now turns out to be simple even oblivious!

SnapCharger Magnetic Charging Cable

Here at SnapCharger we address one of the fundamental disappointments with present day living – those annoying USB data and charging cables. These cables break effortlessly and are fiddly to fit however we can't be without them. Wireless charging is one solution yet so far its adoption has been somewhat low.

So SnapCharger took a chance at enhancing the cable and went down the course of tending to key shortcomings of an ordinary cable . I have actually experienced softened USB ports up phones because of the cables being yanked out inadvertently. Notwithstanding when a yanked cable doesn't break the port it's connected to there is a decent possibility the link itself won't survive. 

The solution is an attractive USB cable in two sections. A minimal connector is connected to the USB port of your gadget and this attractively connects with the basic cable . There are a few advantages from this course of action. Regardless of the possibility that you are utilizing a Micro USB port, with the SnapCharger connector you don't need to stress which path around the link interfaces. An Apple Lightning connector is additionally accessible. The finish of the link that fits to the connector is additionally LED lit up, making it less demanding to use oblivious.